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The agricultural sector is the main source of employment across the continent. It employs more than half of the working population (54%) in 2019. However, the agricultural activities are correlated with informal employment, and employ several women who hold fewer land property rights than male farmers. Many experts reported that a better access to land tenure could enhance access to credit and thus, develop businesses including agribusiness.

Therefore, there is need to empower the workers of this sector to enhance their productivity and the overall competitiveness of this branch. The utilization of innovative solutions offered by digital agriculture could also be an option to further develop the agribusiness value chains.


We are responsible to promote Agritourism in a thousand hills cause Agritourism presents a unique opportunity to combine aspects of the tourism and agriculture industries to provide a number of financial, educational, and social benefits to tourists, producers, and communities.

Agritourism gives producers an opportunity to generate additional income and an avenue for direct marketing to consumers. It enhances the tourism industry by increasing the volume of visitors to an area and the length of their stay. Agritourism also provides communities with the potential to increase their local tax bases and new employment opportunities.

Additionally, agritourism provides educational opportunities to the public, helps to preserve agricultural lands, and allows states to develop business enterprises.

While agritourism may create new potential revenue streams, it also presents new legal issues for farmers and landowners.

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Key Benefits of the Service

Engaging young women and men in an agricultural sector characterized by an ageing labour force is crucial to ensure sustainable food security, reduce youth unemployment and combat unplanned migration.

Our Agricultural division has many years of experience in all phases of the same activities and our customer focused approach makes us the best agribusiness company!